Ultimate Gym N.Y. is the oldest and first authentic Muay Thai Gym in NYC and has been in business for over two decades.

Ultimate Gym NY’s instructor, Kru Nestor Marte is considered a leading expert in the art of stand up fighting. When MMA fighters such as Renzo GracieRicardo AlmeidaRyan GracieAnderson SilvaAssuerio Silva and Israel Gomes needed to train their stand up, they sought out Kru Nestor Marte to brush up on their technique.

Our facility is a comfortable 3000 sq. ft., fully equipped gym with Thai Heavy Bags, matted floors, boxing ring and all necessary equipment. We are the only gym in New York dedicated to teaching the exact training regimen used by all Muay Thai camps and champions in Thailand. We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for both our men and women, young and old, competitive and non-competitive students. Condescending attitudes and verbal attacks are not condoned and all our classes are co-ed.



5 W 30th St,
New York, NY 10001


3:30pm – 9:30pm Mondays,Wednesdays, Fridays
5pm – 9:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays
11am – 3pm Saturdays



  • Competition ring

  • Grappling mats

  • Treadmill

  • Stairclimber  

  • Suspended Ropes

  • Barbells & Free Weights

  • Bulgarian Bags

  • Muay Thai Bags /  Double-eded bag

  • Showers & Towels

  • Lockers